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6. Uniform Policy

6. Uniform Policy

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All operational employees (who have completed their probation period) based in our facilities are issued with a IPairc uniform and name badge for use while they are on duty; this uniform remains the property of IPairc.

”Uniform” includes any item of clothing purchased by IPairc for employees. Our IPairc uniform is an essential part of our professional brand and image and must be worn in its entirety whilst on duty. Safety shoes (and as may be appropriate any other safety wear/PPE ) should also be worn as part of the uniform.

Employees should take reasonable care with their uniform and general appearance and be aware that whilst they are wearing the IPairc uniform they are representing IPairc and our high standards of customer service and care.

Employees who are still in their probation period must adhere to the same standards of care and appearance and wear the approved designated clothing as specified by IPairc.

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