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What Is IPairc Top Up Card?
IPáirc Top Up card is a flexible parking product offering it's users savings on daily parking fees. Our Top Up Cards are using latest contactless technology which delivers smooth and speedy parking experience.

How Does It Work?
Top Up card users can top up their card at any of the pay stations in chosen car park and use their top up card to enter and exit the parking facility. Remaining balance on the card is shown every time you enter or exit the car park. *IPáirc Top Up cards have no expiry date, thus if you don't use the parking facility, credit remains on your card. 


  • Save up to 60% on daily parking fees.

  • Your credit doesn't expire.

  • No contractual obligations.

  • Top Up your card at any convenient time.

  • No need to queue at the pay stations.

  • Easy contactless TAP & GO entry and exit.

What Are The Benefits?
IPáirc Top Up card users are benefiting from discounted daily parking rates. Depending on car park location, Top Up card user can save up to 60% on daily parking fees. 

How To Apply?
To apply for a IPáirc Top Up Card, simply navigate to the bottom of this page and choose the parking facility.

IPairc Top Up Card - Swipe & Go

*Top-Up Cards are subject to availability and are not available in all IPairc car parks.
*Top-Up Cards are site specific and are not transferable.