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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find I Pairc parking facility locations and their details?

You can find all I Pairc parking facility locations and their details by using our Find Car Park tool.

How can I contact I Pairc?

You can contact I Pairc by using Contact Form provided on this website. On Contact Us section of this website you will be able to find our phone number and postal address.

I am interested in potential business partnership with I Pairc. Who Should I contact?

For commercial partnership queries, please contact I Pairc at +353 (01) 813 8959.

What parking fees will I have to pay when parking with I Pairc?

Parking tariffs are individual to each parking facility. To check full pricing details please use our Find Car Parks tool and locate parking facility to see full details on parking fees applicable.

What time do your car parks open and close?

Car park opening and closing times vary from site to site. Some of our sites are open 24/7. For full details please check our Find Car Parks tool.