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Who are we?

I Páirc specializes in off-street parking solutions, serving as a premier owner and operator of meticulously managed commercial parking facilities.

Our portfolio includes off-street parking spaces that we either own, hold under concession, or maintain through long-term lease agreements with both public and private landlords.

With a strategic emphasis on purpose-built parking facilities located in key areas, we are committed to delivering unparalleled parking experiences.

Our Services

Elevating Parking Solutions: Explore Our Comprehensive Service Offerings

Parking Facility Operations

This includes day-to-day management tasks such as staffing, maintenance, security, and customer service.

Revenue Management

Strategies for maximizing revenue, including pricing structures, payment methods, and revenue tracking and analysis.

Technology Integration

Implementing and maintaining parking management systems, such as ANPR machines, access control systems, and parking guidance systems.

Why I Páirc?

At I Páirc, we pride ourselves on delivering five-star ‘All-Inclusive’ parking services to our esteemed clients, with a keen focus on optimizing both economic efficiency and customer experience.

Our comprehensive offerings encompass a full suite of car parking management services, ensuring a seamless and tailored solution for every need.

Customer Experience

Initiatives aimed at improving the overall customer experience, such as signage improvements, amenities, and accessibility features.

Safety and Security Measures

Protocols and systems in place to ensure the safety of both vehicles and patrons, including surveillance systems, lighting, and emergency response procedures.

Sustainability Initiatives

Efforts to minimize environmental impact, such as implementing green building practices and integrating renewable energy sources.

Our Senior Management Team

Meet Our Experienced Senior Management Team: Pioneering Innovation and
Excellence in the Parking Industry

Ray Peers


With over 30 years of exceptional leadership in the parking industry, Ray has held key positions at DAA, FPS, Q-Park, and now I Páirc, amassing a wealth of unparalleled experience.

Throughout his tenure, Ray has demonstrated his expertise in acquiring, managing, and developing car park assets, resulting in a portfolio valued at over €250 million.

During his time at Q-Park, Ray led the company to become Ireland’s premier off-street parking provider, overseeing a network of 34 car parks with over 35,000 spaces and an annual turnover exceeding €70 million, serving over 10 million customers annually.

Renowned for his adeptness in crafting innovative strategic solutions tailored to economic conditions, Ray has consistently delivered results that sustain revenue, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and drive efficiencies, all while fostering business growth.

Gerry Callaghan

(FCCA) Finance Director

With over 30 years of comprehensive experience in the parking industry, Gerry brings unparalleled expertise in car park operations, systems management, and internal controls.

His career highlights include serving as Financial Controller for Irish Car Parks Limited, where he played a pivotal role in the acquisition of ICP by Future Parking Services, later acquired by Q-Park Group in 2002.

Gerry’s journey continued at Q-Park Ireland, where he assumed the position of Financial Director in 2007 before transitioning to Head of Operations in 2013.

His leadership trajectory further expanded as he took on the role of Head of Operations & Finance for NCPS in Northern Ireland in January 2016, preceding his current role at I Páirc.

Aldis Kazakevics

Director of Operations & IT

With over 17 years of experience in the parking industry, Aldis brings a wealth of expertise in car park operations, management systems, internal controls, and facility management.

Previously serving as Area Manager for the West region at Q-Park Ireland, Aldis has a proven track record in capital expenditure project management.

In this role, he oversaw the annual budgets for each site, conducted financial audits, implemented cost controls, managed staff performance, and monitored financial trends to initiate remedial action when necessary.

Aldis possesses not only extensive experience in the parking industry but also a strong background in the IT field. His career includes a notable role providing technical support with Apple Inc., where he honed his skills in troubleshooting and customer service.

Kenneth Peers

Business Development

Kenneth brings over 15 years of experience as a qualified Electrician, with a significant portion of his career spent in self-employment over 12 years and another decade as a senior Foreman. His expertise extends to large-scale commercial and industrial projects, where he has excelled in project management and coordination.

With 10 years of dedicated involvement in domestic electrical work, Kenneth has amassed considerable experience in car park maintenance and refurbishments, notably with Q-Park, focusing on sites such as Setanta Car Park, Grand Canal, RCSI, St. Stephen’s Green, and Eyre Square, among others.

Throughout his tenure, he played a pivotal role in project management and job coordination, ensuring smooth execution and timely completion.

Our Departments

Operations and Facility Management

Responsible for the day-to-day running of parking facilities, including staffing, maintenance, and customer service.

Business Development and Sales

Focuses on acquiring new clients, negotiating contracts, and expanding the company’s reach in the market.

Technology and Innovation

Oversees the implementation and maintenance of parking management systems, as well as the development of innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Finance and Accounting 

Finance and Accounting department Manages the financial aspects of the business, including budgeting, financial analysis, and revenue management.

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